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In this section, you can navigate to some samples of how I plan individual lessons. Lesson plans will be in PDF format for easy viewing. You will be able to see how every lesson is tailored to a specific person, and not just a simple method. Although trumpet is fairly simple-I know people are not. In order to respond to the challenges of the ongoing pandemic- all of my lessons are now taking place online using the Zoom platform.  

Beginning Lesson Plan

Intermediate Lesson Plan

Advanced/Collegiate Lesson Plan

Collegiate Courses

In addition to operating the trumpet, it is also imperative that trumpet students know how the instrument has developed historically, and understand the ways that it fits into the broader framework of music. Below I have placed my curriculum for a Rock and Roll History Course. It is my view that trumpet players tend to get overwhelmingly focused on orchestral jobs, and that style of music and lose focus on the wider world of music around them. 

Rock and Roll History Curriculum

The following are a few examples of how lessons would be presented for the History of Rock and Roll class schedule. 

Rock and Roll History Lesson Plans

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