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My Recordings

Concerto Mvt. 1- Edward Gregson (Alan Armstrong Piano) 
Sonata Mvt. 2- Eric Ewazen (Alan Armstrong Piano)
Intrada- Joseph Turrin (Alan Armstrong Piano) 
Sonata Mvt. 1 - Eric Ewazen (Alan Armstrong Piano)
Sonata Mct. 3- Eric Ewazen (Alan Armstrong Piano)
Concerto Mvts. 2 and 3- Edward Gregson (Alan Armstrong Piano)
Autumn Leaves- Jazz Standard

Etudes/ Musical Exercises

The following etudes are representative of the weekly etudes I write for my students. They are complete with the sheet music, and a play-along resource so they can hear how the exercise is intended to sound. I find it rewarding to tailor the etudes to specific aspects of playing that students are working on such as long tones, scales, rhythm, or articulation. In addition, the play along recording is a way for my students to practice playing with good time without the need for a metronome. The beginning etudes are color coded to correspond with Sean Burdette's Brass in Color series- the exclusive series I use when teaching beginners. 

Play-along Etudes for Beginners

Etude 2- 12 bar Will Rabun
00:00 / 01:38

Play-along Etudes for Intermediate Students

Intermediate Scales EM, BbM, Dmix
00:00 / 01:25

Etudes for Advanced Students

Etudes or advanced students are selected from the current body of trumpet repertoire and include etude books such as Bitsch, Concone, Charlier, and others. 

Trumpet Playing Resources

Brass in Color

For all beginning students- I write my etudes based off of Sean Burdette's Brass in Color series. I use this series in my teaching, and find it is the best beginning method for trumpet currently available. This series is also available for all of the larger brass instruments. If you would like more information- please go to 

The World Trumpet Federation

This is a new website and podcast that was started by my teacher Joey Tartell and his colleagues Bryan Appleby-Weinberg, and Bill Stowman. The information in the podcast is pedagogical gold, and has the added value of actually being funny. This is a great resource that I recommend everyone see. 

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