I started playing cornet in middle school band like most trumpet players because the instrument works better for young players, but I always had the urge to play an actual trumpet. Finally, when I made it to 8th grade band, my parents decided that it would be worth getting me an actual trumpet because it seemed like I was getting serious about playing music. It was a good call. Playing trumpet has given me opportunities, and life stories I would have never been able to get anywhere else. I have played trumpet in numerous states, and countries in North America, Europe, and the Middle East.

I have had the great privilege of studying with astonishing trumpet teachers over the course of my career, and owe so much to them. Jeremiah Fowler, John Wacker, Karen Gustafson, and Joey Tartell have all been such an integral part of my life, that I wouldn't be where I am without them. I now have the opportunity to pass this knowledge on to the next generation of trumpet performers. 


Playing trumpet is more than a job, or a hobby. Trumpet is a way of life. 

I use a series of books called "Brass in Color" for all of my beginning students. The series is a fantastic resource for all entry level brass players. If you are new to the series- you can find more information at 

Currently, I am enrolled in the Doctor of Music program in trumpet performance and literature with a minor in music education at the Jacobs School of Music, and teach trumpet at DePauw University. I play in any available style of music as long as the playing opportunity interests me. If you would like to learn how to make trumpet your way of life, just hit me up through any of my links in the "Contact Me" portion of this website. I look forward to hearing from you!